Announcing MORE new stuff in remix!

Posted by on Mar 29, 2007 in Feature Updates | 3 Comments

Today, we pushed out even more new features in our web-based video and photo editing service. More music, glitter, and videos to play with.

Here’s a fun remix made with today’s new features!

Here’s a quick demo of remix features:

Click on "Create Remix" in your album to make a remix.  Remember, you can mashup any videos or photos available inside your albums, and add captions, bubbles, and party favors like hats, noses, and eyeballs.  Then drop music over the top and you have your first mashup.

Some of the cool new stuff you’ll find in today’s release:

  • Dozens of new sparkling, glittery, dancing, jumping, fun animated effects to add to your images and videos. We can’t wait to see remixes full of swiveling eyeballs and sparkling hearts.
  • A collection of different new songs to use, all 100% legal for you to use and remix, provided by our partners at Pump Audio. From Blues to Reggae , you will be able to find the right tune to suit your remixes.
  • A selection of FREE videos that we think might make good intro or closing videos for your remix. We’re looking forward to seeing how you use the free videos, so we can choose more to add to the remix media bins. So let us know.

Get your Remixes on Our Home Page!

Want to be really famous? Send us your remixes. Email a link to The ones we like we’ll feature on our Home page. And that’s a fair few visitors every day to see your remix (millions in actual fact). Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got!


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