Share a “live” slideshow of your newest photos AND videos!

Post a slideshow of your newest photos and videos on your blog, Web site or social network profile.

Photobucket The slideshow updates as you upload new photos and videos. Automatically. Here's how you make one:

1. Click on "more" to get to "more share options" next to "Share this album" in the left sidebar.

2. Choose "Post to website" and go to "advanced options" to choose a slideshow size.There are four built-in sizes, but they're easy to change.

3. Copy and paste the resulting code at the bottom of the dialog onto your Web page, profile, blog.  OR just click one of the site names and we'll post it for you!

Here's what the slideshow looks like. It can be just your latest 100 most recent images and videos from the current album you're viewing, or all your public albums in your account. You can also make one of a group album you like in Photobucket. Try it out. (You'll have to log in first.)

Here's a screenshot of the share options dialog box: