Share the Android love – Photobucket app gets an update

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update all the things

Android users get a newsfeed and can now share multiple photos at once from the Photobucket mobile app

Yea, we know, it’s been a long time coming, but it’s worth the wait. You Photobucket Android users now have access to the Newsfeed, as well as the ability to share multiple photos at once across your favorite sites in the Photobucket app!

What is this “newsfeed” you speak of?


The newsfeed is where you’ll find all of our latest deals, feature additions, contests and other updates. You’ll be notified of any new newsfeed items at the top right corner of your screen within the app. Or, you can always check the newsfeed from within the menu.
Screenshot_2014-10-24-12-53-46      Screenshot_2014-10-24-12-53-55

As for selecting multiple photos at once, head to whatever album contains the images you’d like to share or link, then tap the share icon up top, then select Select Photos to Share. Then select whichever photos you’d like to share.

Screenshot_2014-10-23-11-42-00      Screenshot_2014-10-23-11-42-33

If you’d like to share these images to Facebook, email, or any other site or utility, tap the Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 1.40.56 PMat the corner of the screen. To get a set of links to share, or HTML or IMG links, tap the link icon.

Screenshot_2014-10-23-11-42-40      Screenshot_2014-10-23-11-42-47