Skinit launches terrific integration with Photobucket for custom skins

Our friends at have just launched their integration with Photobucket.

Photobucket Now you can pick any of your favorite Photobucket photos and make a “skin” that you can wrap around your laptop, cell phone, MP3 player and more.

Click here to go to the Skinit site. Then click on “custom skin” and “images” to pick a photo from Photobucket. You’ll need to log into your Photobucket album to allow Skinit to see your images.

Photobucket Skinit makes it incredibly easy. Once you’ve designed your skin, they’ll ship it to you, so you can attach it to your laptop, cell phone, MP3 player, printer, bluetooth and much, much more.

Who says you have to stand for a boring white or grey laptop any more?


4 thoughts on “Skinit launches terrific integration with Photobucket for custom skins

  1. Hey, I have a question :)
    Once the links to the photos were copied to the clipboard automatically when the line was selected, now I have to press CTRL+C. I need to cahnge something in my settings to get this option back, or its unavailable now?
    10x :)

  2. I absolutely love Skinit’s products. I’ve used photobucket for a while now and am excited about using their editing tools to create cool pics for skins. I need to get one for my new Blackberry.

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