Some Photobucket User Highlights

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It’s always been the people who use Photobucket every day that inspire us to work harder to create, improve, and build new features that lets individuals and communities connect and share their lives. It’s not just the rock stars like Mandy Moore, Fiona Apple, or Anthrax(still accepting entries for their best mullet memories).

It is the everyday users, teens, families, small business owners, and bloggers that remind us of our mission and that inspires us to keep moving forward.

Here are a few stories that caught our eyes.

Dave O’Brien, the yearbook photographer for Dover Highschool in 1970 recently reconnected with hundreds of alumni whom he hadn’t communicated with in years when he pulled together an album of his scanned photographs. Photographs of classmates, friends, teachers, and the bands that he’d followed over the years were all uploaded and shared from his Photobucket account. It’s an absolutely amazing time capsule.

Sam, a crafts artist who blogs at has used Photobucket for quite some time and created a slide show gallery of her artwork that she’s successfully sold on Ebay –also using Photobucket.

Thousands and thousands of teens every day use Photobucket to decorate, customize, and personalize their web identities using background images for their MySpace templates, leaving funny comments, and searching for laughs. Our top search results are nearly always around glitters, sparkles, avatars and icons. Who knew that the phrase “Thanks for the Add” would become so ubiquitous?

And then there are the bloggers.
2000 Bloggers are listed on this fantastic project by Tino Buntic collecting headshots and links from around the blogosphere. All different people, all different interests, all different blogs. Just 2000 faces from the 55 million out there writing and blogging every day. And guess what, all these headshots are hosted on Photobucket too and we recognize quite a few as Photobucket users.