Sprint customers can show photos and videos on Photobucket

Posted by on Nov 24, 2008 in Mobile, Press Releases | No Comments

This blog post references a press release issued today, Monday November 24, from Sprint. Sprint announced an enhancement to Picture Mail that allows Sprint customers to send digital photos and videos straight from their phones to Photobucket.

The full body of the press release can be read on Yahoo.

Read our blog post from back in September, referring to one-click upload to Photobucket on Sprint. More recently, we announced support for Verizon customers on Photobucket too. In September, we told you about Juicecaster and Photobucket.  We also have a free iPhone app available on iTunes for anyone lucky enough to have an iPhone.

We're really excited about all these mobile announcements. Read our mobile blog area for lots more details on how you can take Photobucket with you wherever you go.