Story of a Mailbox Love Affair

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On the Corner of 12th and
Lafayette in Denver Hill’s Capital Hill Neighborhood, there is a love affair….

Newspaper Mailboxes

And so the Story is told. Congratulations goes out to Derek Cann, our social media support specialist, whose clever idea to tell the tale of these now infamous
star-crossed lovers was a winner in our recent Photobucket’s Employee Stories Contest. Derek’s compelling, multimedia narrative puts a fun spin on what has now become a love story gone viral.

As reported earlier by media heavyweights such as ABC
and The Denver Post, the affair takes place in Denver, beginning
December 2010 with the first love messages painted on two side-by-side U.S.
postal mailboxes. Although city officials painted over them repeatedly, the
mailbox-painting bandits have continued to come back again and again – keeping the story alive over the years (most recently this week, with messages fit to the presidential election).

Derek’s story is a must-see, entertaining narrative into the complete mailbox love
story. Check it out here, and be sure to take advantage of the social share links available on the Photobucket site – for any friends who could use a light read (or just appreciate a good old love story!).