Summer (Photo)Bucket List

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So much to do, so little time!


Whether you’re on break, stuck at work or sitting in class, we challenge you to make the most of the season with our ultimate Summer (photo)Bucket List.

Document your fun along the way in photo, video and GIF form with the Photobucket mobile app.

Warning: May experience overwhelming fun!

  • Ditch the electronics and head to the library! There’s something nolstalgic about roaming the library on a lazy summer day. Curl up under a shady tree and get lost in a classic summer novel.
  • Enjoy a night under the stars. Grab your tent and head out for the great outdoors, even if it’s just your own backyard! Be one with nature as you sleep al fresco, under the mountain stars or close to home.
  • Invent your own ice cream flavor! A fun and delicious way to beat the summer heat. Find recipes here.
  • Play with your food. Divvy up a juicy watermelon (make sure it’s not seedless) and line up with your friends for a seed spitting contest. Let the silliness ensue.
  • Light up the grill and cook your dinner among the birds and the bees. Check out these unique grilling ideas to take your BBQ to the next level!
  • Take a day trip. Tis’ the season to travel, but that doesn’t always work with strict schedules and tight budgets. Simply escape for a few hours to a place close to home… a nearby park, a local river, the mountains or even a nearby city you’ve never been to!
  • Eat breakfast for dinner! Sometimes those late summer nights mess up sleep patterns and day and night start to blur into one. Don’t fight it… embrace it! Cook breakfast for dinner and snuggle up on the couch with your favorite cartoons.
  • Spread joy on the streets! Take your artistic adventures outdoors with some colorful chalk art.  Decorate your drive way, sidewalk and street after you do a rain dance to ward off any unexpected summer showers!
  • Support your community and local farmers when you visit a nearby farmer’s market. Its a great way to get the family together outdoors and you can prepare meals knowing exactly where your ingredients came from!
  • Go miniature golfing. Good, clean fun for any age.
  • Set up a float buffet with your favorite sodas and ice cream flavors and invite your friends over for an open bar.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match unique combinations. You may be surprised what tastes great together.
  • Take advantage of the nice weather and set up a personalized, outdoor photo shoot. Natural lighting is the best for selfies, pet portraits and everything in between. Dress up, use props and above all, have fun!
  • Organize a neighborhood garage sale. Get the most bang for your buck with a neighborhood wide garage sale. A great way to clean the house before being stuck indoors for the fall and winter months.

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