Create a Graduation Collage

Posted by on May 19, 2010 in Photo and video editing, Tutorials | 3 Comments

Create a fun collage with all your memorable graduation photos! Here are a few simple steps to create one: 1. Navigate to the album that you want to use to create a collage. Click on the "Edit Images" link at the top. 2. Click "Create a Collage" on the dialog box that appears.The Collage Creator […]

Make desktop background collages on Photobucket

We were watching a rather clever Photobucket user at work last night. She was using the built-in scrapbook tool on Photobucket to make a collage for her laptop desktop background picture. We liked the idea so much, we wanted to share it with you too! Go into the scrapbook tool — click "scrapbooks" in the […]