Create a Graduation Collage

Create a fun collage with all your memorable graduation photos! Here are a few simple steps to create one:

1. Navigate to the album that you want to use to create a collage. Click on the "Edit Images" link at the top.


2. Click "Create a Collage" on the dialog box that appears.The Collage Creator launches.

3. Select the layout that you want.


4. Click "Load Photo" to select the photo you want programmed in that spot. Repeat as necessary.

5. Click "Customize" at the top of the Collage Creator after you fill all the spots.The Image Editor appears.


6. Add a border, add text, add stickers, etc. all to your collage. 


7. Click "Save a copy" to save your collage.

Voila! You now have a great keepsake for all your fun graduation photos!


Make desktop background collages on Photobucket

We were watching a rather clever Photobucket user at work last night. She was using the built-in scrapbook tool on Photobucket to make a collage for her laptop desktop background picture.

We liked the idea so much, we wanted to share it with you too!

Go into the scrapbook tool — click "scrapbooks" in the top menu bar.

Play with different backgrounds, stickers, themes. If you don’t like any of the built-in themes, start with something blank. Be sure to choose "get stickers" and "get backgrounds" to get lots and lots of new stuff.

There are hundreds of stickers to play with! Our Photobucket user thought they were really fun.


Drag and drop pics of your favorite things onto the page.

Background Image

Just save one page (you can delete the others).

In Photobucket, you’ll see a static JPG of the collage saved in its own album inside your account.  Use that JPG as your desktop background. It looks great!