Search in Group Albums Launches Today

Since we launched Group Albums in May of this year, over one-hundred thousand Groups have been created on Photobucket, ranging from weddings and family gatherings, to special interests, charities and rock bands.

Group Albums on Photobucket allow multiple users to upload their photos and videos to one shared photo and video album, with an administrator of the Group providing optional review and approval functions.

Today we are adding a bunch of new features in Group Albums.

Here’s a quick summary of the new features.

Search in Groups, Featured Albums, and Most Active Groups

Photobucket You can now search through all the public Groups, and see if there are groups that might interest you.

So search for things like "mullet" or "puppies" or whatever and see what you can find.


You can contribute your own photos and videos to any Group that’s set
as public.  The owner of the Group may have chosen to qualify your
submission before it’s visible to the world.

You can also click
to see which Group Albums we are featuring today, which are the most
active, the most recent, and those with the most individual

Announcing Enhancements to Group Albums

Number One Photo and Video Sharing Site Photobucket Enhances Group Albums

Mobile Uploads and Comprehensive Search Functionality Now Available

Photobucket (, the leading standalone photo and video-sharing site, today announced the addition of new features to the already popular Group Albums. Group Albums ( allow multiple users to upload their photos and videos to one shared photo and video album, with an administrator of the Group providing optional review and approval functions.

With this new release, users can add more detail to describe their group album and are now able to search all public Group Albums. In addition, each Group Album now has a unique email address, enabling users to upload photos directly from their mobile phones to the Group Album. Photobucket also highlights Group Albums with the most activity, contributors, and newest content, as well as Groups in categories such as Fashion, Schools, Music, Entertainment and more. These new features enhance the previous offerings of personalized vanity URLs, custom privacy settings, broad sharing capabilities and more.

Since its debut in May, over one-hundred thousand Group Albums have been created, ranging from weddings to family gatherings to rock bands. This popular feature helped drive record traffic to the site resulting in its largest traffic month ever in the U.S.  With more than 24 million unique visitors in June (according to comScore Media Metrix), Photobucket continues to be the No. 1 photo site in the U.S. 

For one band, Forever the Sickest Kids (FTSK), their Group Album on Photobucket ( now features over 4,100 images that have been uploaded by fans and Photobucket users around the world.  Lead singer Jonathan Cook says, “The Photobucket pictures that have been submitted by FTSK fans are so good that I have put my personal digital camera away and now rely on the posse to submit pics that I can show my family back at home from each city and use for my personal MySpace page! FTSK PWNS ALL!” 

Other popular group albums include the Fotoflexer Image Editor’s Best Edited Images which include almost 2,000 photos that have been edited with Photobucket’s built-in, free editing tool powered by FotoFlexer.  ( Users are encouraged to upload their favorite edited photos and images in the Fotoflexer Group Album provide an insight into how typical Photobucket users customize and personalize their photos and images on the site. 

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Try out Group Albums on Photobucket Today

We’re pretty excited about this new feature we’re launching today: Group Albums.

We’ve all seen this: multiple people at an event. Lots of cameras. You never get to see all the videos and photos everyone takes. How do you get together and share in one place?

For groups, teams, parties, graduations, weddings — anytime people get together — get the person in charge (there’s always at least one!) to set up a Group Album on Photobucket.

Share Photos and Videos in One Album

The Group Album moderator (the person who started the Group Album) can invite you all to upload your photos and videos to that album. The moderator can choose to approve your submissions before they go live (or not), and can also choose to password protect the Group Album (or not). It’s up to you.

Add a "Vanity" URL for Your Album

And for that final personal touch, add a vanity URL, such as Put the URL on your party invites or on your wedding table placesettings!

It’s all there on Photobucket today, and it’s all free! Have fun!

Get Started

To set up your own group album, go here:


We Will Feature Your Group Album

And if you’re ready proud of your album, click on the "Feature This Group Album" on the page at, and we’ll review it. If it’s cool, we’ll add it to the Group Album Home page.


Contribute To Our Featured Albums

We have a new community Group Albums that we’ve got going to kick the party off. Visit these and add your own stuff! We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

Baseball fans — go to

Tattoo lovers — go to

Skaters? — go to

Show us your beautiful wedding — go to

Graduating this year? — Let’s all get together at

Fans of the hip new Denver nightspot The Beta Nightclub? — go to