GIF Your Emotions

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GIF Your Emotions

Ever feel at a loss for words? Speechless? Struggle no more! From now on, let your GIFs do all the talking. The Evolution of GIFs From the beginning, they were created for entertainment, for laughs and for plain ol’ fun. GIFs are still made to fulfill these purposes but they have indeed matured. More and more […]

GIFs Done Right

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GIFs Done Right

GIFs, GIFs and more GIFs. Since the launch of the free Photobucket GIF Maker, we’ve collected hundreds upon thousands of homemade GIFs. And yes, we said homemade. Just like momma used to make. The recipe is easy to follow. Open the GIF Maker on the free Photobucket mobile app and GIF away. So… You make them (via the Photobucket […]

Photobucket Mobile Updates

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What’s new in this week’s updates to Photobucket Mobile for iPhone and Android Updated home screen: You now have two options for viewing your recent uploads on the home screen. Along with an updated single image view, we introduced a grid view that allows you to see more of your recently uploaded content. New Uploads […]

Back Dat App Up — Auto Backup for Mobile

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If you don’t have it already, here’s a link to the app for iOS users, and for Android users. Question: What do all of these have in common? Toilets Rainy days Toasters Deep fryers Cups of water Cups of green beer Gravity Black holes Answer: Thaaat’s riiight. Each one of these things desperately want to destroy […]