Elevate Your iPhone or Android Food Photos With These 5 Tips!

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Elevate Your iPhone or Android Food Photos With These 5 Tips!

There’s something strangely alluring about #foodporn. Use our 5 tips to help you take awesome photos of your favorite dishes on your iPhone or Android! Don’t be a bore with the same angle for every shot! Take into account details and presentation when choosing the best angle for your savory snap. Great presentation is best […]

7 Easy Photography Tips

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Keep these basic photography tips in mind the next time you venture out on a photo adventure! Perfect for professional, amateur and recreational photographers. Visualize : Keep a list of things you want to photograph and visualize how you want these photos to look. When you are ready to check a shot off of your list, […]

What does your profile picture say about you?

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Have you ever heard somebody yell out “New profile picture..NOW!” after a photo is taken? Usually those photos are hilarious, but much too incriminating to post on public networks. Social media is a place to create the best, or worst, cyber version of yourself. So what does your profile picture say about you? Let’s discuss […]

Photo Editor Overview

Edit your photos like a pro using Photobucket’s enhanced photo editor. Our easy to use tools help you personalize your memories and add that extra flare that make your photos stand out. At the top of the page, select the edit tab. That will bring up a window with thumbnail views of your images. Here […]