Printing with Scrapblog launches on Photobucket

Since launching our scrapbook integration with Scrapblog in August, hundreds of thousands of scrapbooks have been made on Photobucket.

Now we have worked with Scrapblog to integrate printing as well. Our friends at Scrapblog provided us boxes of samples of the kinds of books and cards they print, and they are, well, fabulous!

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Print Cards With Scrapblog Designs

We are excited about the cards you can print on Scrapblog. Using Scrapblog’s top quality designs, you can drag and drop your own images into the pre-built layouts, and print up cards that are much, much better than your regular "stick a photo in a designed border" holiday greeting card. These cards will make your holiday greetings really look amazing!

Scrapblog cards

Print greeting cards on Scrapblog

Print Memory Books with Scrapblog

Of course the traditional perception of scrapbooks is memory books. But forget the stickers, scissors and glue. (Who the heck has time for that anyway?) Just drag and drop photos and images into Scrapblog’s pre-built designs, and print them out. They will look gorgeous!

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Scrapblog book

Print memory books on Scrapblog

Lots of Holiday Designs

There are plenty of holiday designs to choose from. They make great inexpensive and beautifully personal gifts.

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Scrapblog for the holidays

Lots of holiday designs for cards and books


Photobucket Launches Digital Scrapbooking in Collaboration with Scrapblog

Photobucket Launches Digital Scrapbooking in Collaboration with Scrapblog 

Powerful and Easy-to-Use Scrapbooking Service Offers New Self-Expression and Storytelling Options to Photobucket Users

San Francisco, Calif. and Miami, Fla. — August 21, 2008 – Photobucket (, the leading standalone photo and video-sharing site, today announced the addition of online scrapbooking, powered by Scrapblog,, the leading service for creating and sharing scrapbooks online. Scrapblog’s easy-to-use application is now seamlessly integrated with Photobucket, enabling Photobucket’s more than 46 million unique users around the world to transform their photos into personalized digital scrapbooks, without ever leaving Photobucket. Users can share their scrapbooks via email or IM, post them on a personal blog or embed them on asocial network profile. 

Through this collaboration with Scrapblog, Photobucket users will have more creative freedom to express themselves and tell stories with their photos. The Scrapblog application allows users to create scrapbooks from scratch or choose from professionally designed themes that provide an even quicker way to get started. In addition to themes for events such as vacations, holidays, sports, weddings and more, themes for popular television programs and films such as Disney’s “High School Musical 3,” among others, are also available.

Users can drag-and-drop photos directly from their Photobucket albums into Scrapblog’s web-based application where they can be cropped, resized and moved to customize the chosen layout.  Pages can then be personalized with thousands of creative elements including backgrounds, stickers, text, decorative frames and more. No software downloads are required and the finished scrapbooks are saved in the user’s Photobucket album. Starting in September, users will also be able to print their scrapbooks into high-quality books, greeting cards, postcards and other products. 

“Scrapbooks have traditionally been an important part of how people have kept and shared memories offline for many years, and bringing that capability online to Photobucket gives users even more options for enhancing their lives and expressing themselves digitally,” said Alex Welch, President of Photobucket. “We are excited to partner with Scrapblog and be the first photo and video Web site to integrate a digital scrapbooking feature directly into the site, making it easy, convenient and accessible to everyone.” 

"At Scrapblog, we are passionate about enabling self-expression and storytelling around photos and videos," said Carlos Garcia, founder and CEO of Scrapblog. "Since Scrapblog launched, Photobucket users have been coming to to create stunning scrapbooks. We are thrilled to make Scrapblog’s online scrapbooking service more accessible to all Photobucket users and allow them to preserve and share their memories in a fun and creative way."

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New integrated scrapbook’ing on Photobucket today

Today we’re launching the integration of a complete online scrapbook system on Photobucket, powered by Scrapblog — the supreme masters of online scrapbooking.

So if you’ve always had scissor and glue envy,and you wished you could make a scrapbook but you’re just too busy, your problem is now solved!

Scrapbooks on Photobucket are incredibly simple.  Just drag and drop photos right onto the page:

Scrapbook Drag and Drop

You get to choose themes, backgrounds, stickers, text — go as far as you want. You can save your scrapbooks on Photobucket and share them. And you can ‘post’ them as self-running slideshows on your social network profile, Web site or blog.

Here’s what they look like when you post scrapbooks as a slideshow — this one shows a variety of themes. If you make a scrapbook, it’ll probably just use one theme. (Or not. Up to you!):



It’s the only way to scrapbook!

To try it out, go to You’ll need to log into your Photobucket album to be able to access your Photobucket pics.

Some of the feature highlights:

  • Hundreds of pre-built styles, such as travel, girl power, flowers, even High School Musical 3 from Disney. There are so many styles, we can’t list them all.
  • Hundreds of different backgrounds
  • Thousands of stickers to add to pages (actually, over 4,000)
  • Loads of frames to put around pages and items

To see a slideshow of some of the amazing styles and choices available with, click here.