New Slideshow Styles on Photobucket

We’ve got some nice new slideshow styles for you to play with. Here are a few, but there are more in our slideshow creator. Login to your Photobucket account to take a look.

There are plenty more to play with. Just click "Create Slideshow" inside your album.

Growing Hearts Style (small size)

Instant Photos Style (small size)

Heart Together (small size)

New slideshow view for sharing launches today

Photobucket today launched two new "views" for sharing your photos on Photobucket. The two views are called: "Grid" and "Slideshow." They are pretty straightforward. 

Click on "Share Album" and choose whichever view you want to share with friends. The "Links" view is the regular, usual Photobucket view with links for copying HTML. THe "Grid" and "Slideshow" views just offer nice, friendly ways to share your albums of photos with your friends and family.

To switch your album to the new views look in the top right in your album:

This is what the "Slideshow" view of your album looks like:

This is what the "Grid" view of your album looks like: