Thousands of new groups made on Photobucket

Since we launched Group Albums a month ago, literally thousands of groups have been made by Photobucket users.  What’s a Group Album? It’s an album where groups of people can contribute photos and videos to the same album — great for events, interest groups, teams, schools, weddings — wherever many people get together with many cameras. 

Click here to read the original blog about Group Albums.

Check out some of the featured Group Albums on the main Group Albums page.

And here’s a short list of some of our favorites that we’ve seen made over the past couple of weeks.




Graffiti Art:

Black and White:

FotoFlexer Experts (people who use the built-in image editing on Photobucket):

Baseball Fans:


It’s easy to add your own stuff to the Group Albums. Just log in and upload.

And if you have a family reunion this summer, or big BBQ, or want to gather memories from friends over the school year — tell everyone to put their pics into a Group Album of your own. If you want to keep it to yourself, you can password protect it.  Or if you want to share it with us and get it featured, click on the Tell Us About It in the upper left corner of the Group Albums main page.

12 thoughts on “Thousands of new groups made on Photobucket

  1. I was just wondering what code you guys are using on the textarea with the URL/HTML code for the images we upload :) If you could tell me, please mail me.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi there, your forum link doesn’t work, so I’m posting this here. You may redirect me if you’d like.
    I want to know why the delete option has been taken away on the page that comes up when one searches for an image. It makes it VERY, VERY difficult for me to manage my images now, and I would really appreciate the option back. It’s near impossible to sit there going through thousands of images in my album to delete and replace one, and it has defeated the purpose of the search feature, for me.
    Thanks for whatever you can do, redirect or answer,

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