Try out Group Albums on Photobucket Today

We’re pretty excited about this new feature we’re launching today: Group Albums.

We’ve all seen this: multiple people at an event. Lots of cameras. You never get to see all the videos and photos everyone takes. How do you get together and share in one place?

For groups, teams, parties, graduations, weddings — anytime people get together — get the person in charge (there’s always at least one!) to set up a Group Album on Photobucket.

Share Photos and Videos in One Album

The Group Album moderator (the person who started the Group Album) can invite you all to upload your photos and videos to that album. The moderator can choose to approve your submissions before they go live (or not), and can also choose to password protect the Group Album (or not). It’s up to you.

Add a "Vanity" URL for Your Album

And for that final personal touch, add a vanity URL, such as Put the URL on your party invites or on your wedding table placesettings!

It’s all there on Photobucket today, and it’s all free! Have fun!

Get Started

To set up your own group album, go here:


We Will Feature Your Group Album

And if you’re ready proud of your album, click on the "Feature This Group Album" on the page at, and we’ll review it. If it’s cool, we’ll add it to the Group Album Home page.


Contribute To Our Featured Albums

We have a new community Group Albums that we’ve got going to kick the party off. Visit these and add your own stuff! We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

Baseball fans — go to

Tattoo lovers — go to

Skaters? — go to

Show us your beautiful wedding — go to

Graduating this year? — Let’s all get together at

Fans of the hip new Denver nightspot The Beta Nightclub? — go to

7 thoughts on “Try out Group Albums on Photobucket Today

  1. How does one go about deleting a group … i just wanted to add an album but now i can’t change the url

  2. I dont have the same email address i started with can i change it to the email address im using now? I forgot my password and cant get in my old email addy plz help!

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