Underdog winner announced …

In July we ran a contest with our friends at Disney to celebrate their new movie Underdog. We asked for your pics of your cutest dogs in costumes … looking to be Underdog’s "sidekick."  We had such fun reviewing the entries, and here’s the winner. Stamp. She’s one cute pooch, and everyone absolutely loved her. Thanks everyone for entering, and congratulations to Stamp.

4 thoughts on “Underdog winner announced …

  1. aww ur right that puppy is cute well i think all dogs r cute but under dog and that one is 2 cute 2 be true an di just love those type of movies when dogs save the day it makes emlike them even more!!lol

  2. That is an adorable dog and a perfect sidekick for underdog!!! I thought I got my fill of cute dogs when I saw the movie this past weekend but this is almost as adorable as Polly Purebread!!

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