Venture Beat – Photobucket,, and new video editing tools

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February 15,

and new video editing tools

Matt Marshall, Venture

Photobucket, a Silicon Valley start-up, has quietly become the third largest video hosting
site after YouTube and MySpace — reporting more than 35,000 videos uploaded
every day.

Next Tuesday, it announces
some extensive image and video editing tools it hopes will help keep bringing
people to the site. These users can post the edited versions to any of several
popular sites, such as MySpace, Faceboo or Bebo.

These Photobucket editing
tools, to be announced in a partnership with Adobe (the company that makes the
popular Flash technology used for video editing), could take the wind out of the
sails of smaller competitors.

Photobucket will let you
edit by adding captions, bubbles, frames, transitions, music, and other effects
— and by dragging and dropping the resulting content to a “sceneline” (you can
get a sense of the editing dashboard in screenshots below). The service goes
live shortly for paying Photobucket users, and then to the other regular 35
million users in March.