Verizon customer? Got questions about Photobucket and your phone? Here are the answers!

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Here are some questions you may have about the Photobucket Mobile Uploader, which launched today for Verizon customers:

What is the Photobucket Mobile Uploader?

The Photobucket Mobile Uploader is a mobile application that provides a service for Verizon customers to automatically save camera phone pictures to a user’s personal Photobucket album. 

The Photobucket Mobile Uploader allows the customer to enter their Photobucket username and password into their phone. Then, whenever photos are taken, those photos are saved to a user’s Photobucket album, without any further action required.  The customer can pause or turn off the service at any time. The service is convenient, instant and automatic.

How does a Verizon subscriber get the Photobucket Mobile Uploader?

What phones does the Photobucket Mobile Uploader run on?

At launch (November 13th 2008) you can get Photobucket Mobile Uploader on these phones with your Verizon service:

  1. LG NB5400 (prepay)
  2. LG VX5400
  3. LG VX8300
  4. LG VX8350
  5. LG VX8500
  6. LG VX8550
  7. LG VX8560 
  8. LG VX8610
  9. LG VX8800
  10. LG VX9100
  11. LG VX9900
  12. Motorola V750 (Verizon)
  13. Motorola W385 VZW
  14. Motorola Z6C (Jacques)
  15. Samsung U700

When will new phones be added?

More phones are coming each month, so check soon.

What media types are supported?

The current version of Photobucket Mobile Uploader supports still photos taken from your camera phone.

What image resolution does it support?

The Photobucket Mobile Uploader uploads photos at the resolutions supported by your camera phone. 

Can a user upload to another user’s account/album/phone?

The Photobucket Mobile Uploader is designed to help a user save
personal pictures to his or her Photobucket account.  The best way to
share pictures with friends and family is to share a Photobucket album
after the camera phone pictures are uploaded. 

Can Verizon customer use the Photobucket Mobile Uploader outside the US?

Users who are traveling outside the US can use the application. Or, the
user can open the application, select “Menu”, and select “Pause
uploading photos”.  After returning to the US, the user can enter the
same menu and select “Resume uploading photos”.  The photos taken
outside the US are then uploaded.  If a user opts to travel
internationally without pausing the service, international data roaming
charges may apply.

I'm not a Verizon customer, what about me?

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