Version 2.0 of our WAP site for Photobucket launches today

Posted by on Mar 11, 2009 in Feature Updates, Mobile | No Comments

The first release of our WAP site was just a little over a year ago. A new version comes out today, with new stuff including:

  • Easy ways to upload and share photos that you take with your mobile phone
  • Significantly better device-specific experience — so the WAP site will be smart about laying out content to suit your mobile phone
  • Feature all the cool stuff we put on the Home page of Photobucket at — content that our team of editors bubbles up every day for your enjoyment
  • Display of subscriptions, sub-albums, skip to page links and other useful navigational links
  • Expansion of the display of our cool new Find Stuff area, including links for recent images, most popular, most linked, most commented, highest rated, and all that good stuff; plus all our fun categories
  • Display of comments and ratings alongside images

Really, you should just go look for yourself. On your Web-enabled mobile phone, browse to  (If you went to that link on your desktop/laptop browser — ooops. Go back to the 'real' Photobucket here:

At Photobucket, we love mobile. Over the past year, we've built the most comprehensive mobile offering of any photo and video sharing Web site, working with more U.S. carriers and mobile phone manufacturers than any other dedicated photo- and video-sharing site. Traffic to Photobucket’s mobile WAP site has tripled over 2008 and continues to grow at an accelerated rate. More about that next week, so stay tuned.

To see more about our mobile offerings go to