Welcome to “PB Loves” Photo Gallery

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Sometimes the little things in life inspire, whether it’s the sprinkles on top of a cupcake, the grass at an outdoor picnic to your favorite palmtrees.


Large or small, we wanted a place to celebrate photos of the things that

make us happy, so welcome to PBLoves.  It’s our collection of the
Photobucket staff’s favorite photographs, snapshots and memories put together
to inspire you. Find the most popular PB Lovespictures and themed categories we’ll share on a daily

Contribute to a category, whether you are touched by celebrating Happy Birthdays, taking a step into NewBeginnings, or traveling around the virtual globe in
WorldlyTravels. Whatever pictures reflect your passion, we’re
sure you’ll find a corresponding PB Loves category to explore.

After you dive into the photo gallery, we want to see the stories within your
Photobucket Library come to life on PB Loves! Start with a photo collage to
display all the images you love.

Birthday Collage

Creating a collage with
Photobucket’s online photo editor is easy; just check out the collagetutorial for a
quick how-to. Discover your artistic side by adding a background, color-altering
filters, stunning photo effects, quotes and fun overlays to your favorite
photos. And your options with the “add image” feature don’t stop there. Try
adding a watermark logo to a photo image, too!

Once you create your photo collage, you
can share across your social networks and/or download and print your favorites.
Here’s to taking our hats (rather, sunglasses!) off to creativity and showing
the world what PB Loves!


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