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  1. Neliel
    January 12, 2009

    the movie its good… but just good, the books are best than the first movie and the actors… well its obviously that they are not vampires… they don’t have that touch of vampire.
    sorry if you don’t understand my english ^^’

  2. Lay
    January 6, 2009

    I thought that movie was awsome! The digital effects were amazing and so were the books! Everyone that says else whys is a complete loser. You try to do better.

  3. Hannah lou
    January 6, 2009

    it was ok but idk if i would see the movie again and even if u didnt read the books i think it was really predictable..but the books are 1000 times better i am rereading them for like the 5th time πŸ™‚

  4. miranda
    January 5, 2009

    wowza the movie was good but the books were sooooooooo much better ……duh …..I think they did a good job with carlisle when he walked on screen my heart dropped he was PERFECT!!!!and james was sooooo hot!!

  5. taylor anne
    January 5, 2009

    i love the Twilight Saga.
    im sort of scared to see the movies
    cause not to disrespect anyones love for,
    but it looks like it would just ruin the books.
    i guess if you didn’t compare it to the books, then it would maybe be good,
    but i really don’t want to take that chance.
    good for all of you that were braver than me.
    and im sorry for all of you that didn’t give the books a chance.

  6. Maja
    January 2, 2009

    twilight is a great movie !
    when i went to go see it with my friends we thought the girl was scared of the boy / vampire !
    if you dont like it anyway then why the fuck are you talikine about it ?????
    P.S. Bell looks like a girl down my street !
    Love Anonymous

  7. katelyn
    January 2, 2009

    The movie was really good..it makes a lot of people happy knowing there might be a guy (not a vampire, though) out there that isnt a ghetto scumbug and only thinks with his other head..robert is gorgous and maybe its just who he acts in the movie that makes us think that way, but thats just how it goes..as for the guys who thinks its stupid there probably just jealous because the guy in that movie has every girl wanting him or at least someone that acts like a gentleman…i read all four books after watching the movie and i love the movie and the books..im going to see the movie again for the ninth time tonight *yeh i know , nine* but at least i can escape looking at all the fag wannabe ghetto scumbags that this society calls “men” for a few hours

  8. Claudya
    December 29, 2008

    The books are better than this first movie. The effects are poor! And the cast donΒ΄t help either… To bad.

  9. erin
    December 22, 2008

    i know its not as good as the books and i read them all. the movie sucks and people only like it becuase of edward. and edward doesnt seem even like the edward in the book so you know what ughhhh!!!! πŸ™

  10. Yuki
    December 22, 2008


  11. courtney h and casie b
    December 17, 2008

    screw yall twilight is frikkin awesome anyone who disagrees can go to hell if you don’t like twilight you have no taste and you should not be considered human

  12. Lauren
    December 16, 2008

    Ok this is pathetic! The movie isnt going to change because of everyone says so. I Personily think that the movie was an awsome romantic movie that deserve alot more than its being given. Sure it could have been abit longer but it was stil good. The books were awsome!!!! very detailed and gave the outlook on vampires a whole new perspective.

  13. allie
    December 14, 2008


  14. Star
    December 12, 2008

    The book was AMAZING! And to bash Stephenie Meyer is chidish. This puts an amazing view on Vampires, an makes them much more realistic. The movie, not so great, I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the cheesy scenes & lines that were used. The acting wasn’t that great and the character weren’t what I imagined. There wasn’t enough physical emotion at all. If you plan on watching the movie & haven’t read the book, I highly recommend reading the book after the movie, so you can be disappointed in the movie AFTER the book.
    Stephenie is an Amazing author and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

  15. Joe
    December 12, 2008

    There sure is reason to bash Smeyer! She’s the one responsible for providing the material in the first place. There are now a legion of ignorant young girls looking for their “perfect” stalker who’s eyes smolder. 10 to 1 odds that they will already be wearing glitter.

  16. Mella
    December 12, 2008

    ((Rants follow…sorry))
    I can see both sides of the situation. The Twilight series isn’t the best series ever, but everyone has different opinions on it. I truly believe that EVERY SINGLE BOOK needs to have people that hate it so other people can LOVE it to death. Has there ever been a book that every single person in the world loved? If you can give me an example, I’d love to read it!
    I love YA books because they’re magical and they have a essence all their own. Even now that I’m in college, I STILL love reading YA books. But don’t misinterpret that. I also LOVE adult books too. They have a power that YA books don’t. I do not see why people who read adult books are so against YA books sometimes. I understand it’s about plot and characters and such. ((Even my mother looks at my YA books like they’re bombs about to go off.))
    Plus, look at it this way, guys: If Stephenie Meyer is getting those “teeny-boppers” who never thought they could enjoy a book to ACTUALLY READ, isn’t she accomplishing something authors should accomplish? No matter how horrible or wonderful you think the books are… tweens are reading THEM instead of magazines.
    So, overall, I liked reading the Twilight series. I was obsessed when I first found them a few years ago, but now I know that they aren’t the best thing out there.
    I suggest that any person who read Twilight go read more. πŸ™‚ You’ll find you can’t stop.
    I’m the type of person that can love a movie based off a book without the movie being perfectly true to the book. ((I loved Blood and Chocolate as a movie and as a book though the plot in he book proved better.)) Twilight the movie was good and bad. Some parts made me laugh when I shouldn’t, some parts made me look at the characters like they were nuts…but some parts made me sigh happily and some parts made me smile. It’s not a movie I’d buy on DVD (unless it was on sale for cheap!) but it’s worth seeing if you’re curious.
    If you didn’t like the books, it’s your decision whether to see the movie or not. I probably wouldn’t – why spend money now when you can wait until it’s on television or something?
    That’s all. I hope that if you did read my rants, they maybe made you think. πŸ™‚ And remember, “It doesn’t matter what you believe in, but believe in something.”

  17. vincent pelicano
    December 12, 2008

    ,.,on the day that i started reading this book, i already knew to my self that this is going to be unusual compared to the other books in town. That’s why i am very happy when i heard that it will be personalize.,.GOOD JOB BELLA AND EDWARD,.,

  18. AureL
    December 12, 2008

    I like the movie very much..
    N the book is ok,, but the story plot is too slow. Make me bored..
    I like the idea, i think it’s unique.
    Not fair if it’s compared with HaPott. HaPott much better..
    But twilight is a great romantic story. Love it..

  19. PIP
    December 11, 2008

    I LOVED IT!!!

  20. LinRi
    December 11, 2008

    . . .-_-; The Movie, just. . it was to rush, and there was no chemistry once-so ever. Goodness, the characters that I actually found that I liked where the same characters I were wary about in the first book. D< Rosalie, Emmette, Alice, and Jasper. . who, frankly, where the hell were his lines? D< The Lack of Alice annoyed me as well. Esmee- could also join the list, everyone else? Lame. Again, D< Where the heck was the chemistry? Hell, Casey and Derek had more chemistry then Edward and Bella, and they're suppose to be 'step siblings! on Disney!' . . eh, then again, I think Casey and Derek have chemistry regardless. As for the book, I thought it was wonderful the first time I read it. Then I re-read it and noticed.. some irksome things, but over-all I'll like to read it again. But again, the movie? Ugh. No way.

  21. MiMI
    December 11, 2008

    The author copied some other story, except for teenagers… I’m truly surprised she got published! I would’ve done the same thing ten years ago if I had known! XD

  22. Twilight #1 fan well.. Edward's
    December 11, 2008

    The movie was awsome. Though the book was better and they cut out alot~ of parts =.=
    Although i don’t know why S. Meyer choose Robert as Edward, he’s sort of ugly in real life, but in the movie he was awsome >.< and Bella was okay.

  23. Risa
    December 11, 2008

    I have no opinion on the movie, as I’ve both not, and do not plan to see it. Ever. I do know that I read about 50 pages of the book and found the writing itself to be completely mediocre, to the point where the constant adverbs and passive tense made the story monotonous, so I just stopped reading it. I also have a pet peeve for people who address their parents by their first names.
    Bella screams honking emobitch Mary Sue, too, but what do I know? I barely read it because I think Meyers has the writing ability of an 8th grader whose only noteworthy skill is using spell check.

  24. Jami
    December 11, 2008

    I loved the movie! I mean, not everything in the books can be played in the movies. It was really good. The actors did great for their roles especially Robert, he’s strikingly gorgeous. After seeing the movie all I could think about was getting my hands on the books, and I just finished the first one today, I got it yesterday in the morning and had to go through the suffering of trying to read it whenever I wasn’t doing my schoolwork. But I got it read and know I’m going to get my hands on the second one soon! :]
    All in all both movie and books are ah-ma-zing!

  25. Maggie
    December 11, 2008

    I absolutely LOVED the movie and I just finished reading the first book. I loved both of them, it’s hard to choose which one I liked better. And I am in LOVE with Edward!!!!!