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As the Product Manager behind our newest feature, I am excited to introduce you to Your Photobucket Hashtag. As a long-time Photobucket user, I’m even more excited to tell you why our newest feature is pretty darn awesome.

Last summer, I went to the mountains for a weekend with 7 of my friends.  We had an awesome time and we posted photos throughout the weekend.  When I got home, I only had my photos.  It took me two weeks and a dozen emails to get the photos and videos my friends had taken.  Two.  Weeks.  In the end, I had about 200 photos and videos to download, then upload, and share back out to the group.  If only there were a way we could all upload to one album while we were there…

Here’s where this feature really would have helped me out last summer.

Claim a unique hashtag on Photobucket. Use your hashtag when you post public photos and videos to Twitter, Instagram, and Photobucket.  They will automatically upload to your hashtag album for you.  Share your hashtag with your friends.  When they use your hashtag on their Twitter, Instagram, and Photobucket photos and videos, those get automatically uploaded to your hashtag album too.

Hashtag Photos Come Together

So you just keep doing what you normally do: share to your social network of choice and just add your hashtag.  We’ll back up your social photos and videos, and we’ve made it easier than ever to bring the photos and videos you want together in one place.

There are a million ways you can use your hashtag.  Here are a few ideas, on me:

    • Keep it to yourself (it’s okay to be selfish sometimes).  Use it on your own posts to organize and save your photos and videos forever.
    • Getting married, having a party, or hosting a company event:  Share your hashtag with guests to automatically bring together everyone’s moments at the event!  Project a Photobucket slideshow on a big screen so guests can watch as new photos come in.
    • Business owners and marketing folks:  Let your customers show their appreciation by using your hashtag to share photos and videos of your product or storefront.  Offer some discounts to customers who use it, even!
    • Famous or almost famous? Bring your fan photos together with your hashtag, and display them proudly on your website with our embedded albums, slideshows and stories.  Paula Abdul did it:

Okay, you get it.  Here’s the fine print:

    • Only public photos and videos will be uploaded to your hashtag album.  We respect privacy!
    • Some content is so awesome that it takes a little longer to make it’s way into a hashtag album.  They’ll get there, so have some patience.
    • Your Photobucket Hashtag is in Beta and we’ve made this feature available to just our Plus users while we’re testing it out.  If you’re not a Plus user and really want your own hashtag, you have a couple of options.

Become a Plus user here – http://photobucket.com/pricing
Click on “Claim Your Hashtag” and submit your email address to us here – http://photobucket.com/hashtags

I’m excited to see all the creative ways you use Your Photobucket Hashtag!  If you have any feedback you’d like to share on this feature, please write a comment below!

Hashtag on, my friends.


1 Comment

  1. Milena Petrovic
    February 28, 2014

    I love it now after starting on photos of my mum and dad