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Exciting announcement for those of you who are news, blog, podcast, and media
junkies.  Photobucket now supports RSS. RSS feeds are available for by
username, individual public albums, by search result, or
for recent uploads of images, videos, and remixes.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  It’s an internet standard or
format that lets folks get updated content – whether it’s news, blogposts, or
updated videos and images – to their inbox or newsreader. Check out this video
that explains what RSS is in plain English.

You can collect and read your RSS feeds or subscriptions from your web
browser (Flock, Safari,Firefox, IE7), website service (MyYahoo, Google
Newsreader, Bloglines.com, etc) or software (Vienna, Outlook, Feeddemon) on your
computer. Up to 20 thumbnails of feed results will show up with each update. 

If you’re using Firefox, Flock, or IE7 you’ll see that RSS icon in your web address bar. If you’re browsing public albums, you’ll note the RSS icon in the lower left corner of the album page.

Here are some examples of what the RSS feed links should look like.

RSS Feed for Photobucket Username –


Be sure you’re on the username’s account page
to get their
RSS feed.  When given the option of "album feed" vs "user
feed", select the "user feed" option.  This is a great option for people to feed
into their Facebook profile or blogs. Albums must be public for this to work.

RSS Feed for Photobucket "PBHomepage"s individual album "Smiles"


Select the "album feed" option for a top-level album or sub album for a
public account. RSS feeds are not produced for private accounts or albums.

RSS Feed for an Image Search – term


Search for anything at Photobucket and you can retrieve an RSS feed for that

RSS Feed for Videos from the search term "puppies"

You can specify if you’d like your search to be images or videos.

RSS Feed for Recent Video uploads

Or to view the latest public uploads at Photobucket, you can simply subscribe
to Recent Images or Recent Videos.  Recent uploads can be found when you click
on "Find Stuff."

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