Winter Fashion Guide Winner

From boots, hoodies, and sweaters, the Winter Fashion Guide had a lot of stylish entries. The best dressed of the group, rocking pink hair and a sweet jacket was announced today. Thanks to all the fashionistas who entered! Check out the entries!

Best Dressed:


6 thoughts on “Winter Fashion Guide Winner

  1. Rocking pink hair indeed! Matching your nail varnish to your hair seems to be quite a fashion statement these days. What I found of interest was the targeted advertisement at the foot of the Winter Fahion Guide page – Suave Professionals – Salon Quality Hair That Is Photo Ready. Cheeky, what can I say?
    Teenage hairstyles is something that has never ceased to amaze me. Your hair is your crowning glory after all, and I have fond memories of my fashion victim days and forever being in trouble in high school because of me bleaching my locks. I can only imagine how angry the teachers would’ve been if I came to school with pink locks!

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