You’re Awful, We Love You Ludo! Especially in our kitchen!

Another fantastic day at Photobucket. The wonderful LUDO came to do a concert in our kitchen. Check out all the videos at

And here's a quick snippet of "You're Awful, I Love You." The most fun was listening to Photobucket peeps humming along with their own LUDO kazoos. Hmm Hmmmm. Kazoos make your lips tickle!

4 thoughts on “You’re Awful, We Love You Ludo! Especially in our kitchen!

  1. Hi David. Our website is primarily based on the idea of sharing pictures with other users. However, you can make your own album private, so that other users can’t see them, which wouldn’t allow them to copy those images.
    To do this you need to go to your account options (the link is on the upper right hand corner). Then under album settings change your album to be private instead of public.
    That should do it. If you have any other questions/complaints please feel free to contact our customer service department at
    Jen at Photobucket

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