Watermarking: How Photobucket Is Keeping Free... Free

by Photobucket Team | Nov 02nd, 2018

Watermarking: How Photobucket Is Keeping Free... Free

Today, we're excited to share a small piece of the overall vision to make Photobucket a thriving community.

In the past, Photobucket took drastic actions in a desperate, short-term move to remain viable and continue offering services to its customers.

"We believe images are a powerful form of communication. Our focus is to enable that communication for everyone, return Photobucket to its innovative roots, and build a collaborative community between us all."

15 years ago Photobucket pioneered image hosting by offering one free tool to help people share images across the internet and communicate more effectively. This free tool has been the foundation of our service and we don’t want to exclude anyone from being able to use it.

That being said, solely offering free services doesn’t allow us to continue to innovate and provide new benefits that make your life easier. Building on this tool we created premium plans that offer more features so when you’re ready to grow, Photobucket is ready to grow with you.

Over the past month, we’ve introduced watermarking to images that are hosted from free accounts. We believe this is a fair balance. It allows us to continue offering free services without compromising Photobucket’s long-term sustainability.

On images hosted to other sites from free accounts, we’ve created a subtle modification by overlaying a watermark that says “Proudly hosted by Photobucket.”

This will not affect images you share via social media, images you email to family and friends, or your images that people see when they visit your Photobucket profile.

It’s important to stress that your original images are uncompromised!

We remain committed to delivering value to Photobucket members. If you don’t like the watermark you can remove it by upgrading to one of our low-cost premium plans. In addition to removing the watermark on hosted images, you will have access to numerous other benefits that make storing, hosting, and sharing your images easier.

In the coming months, our feature set is going to expand as we roll out a new website, new mobile apps, and continue to enhance the benefits of those premium plans based on your feedback.

"We are all members of the same community, the Photobucket community. We're excited to have you part of our journey as we continue to innovate and make the internet a better place."