Why Sharing Images on Photobucket is more Secure than Social Media Sites.

by Tierney | Sep 10th, 2020

In today’s day and age it seems like everything is overwhelmingly public and “out there” when it comes to social media. People share (literally) their entire lives, from gender reveals to birthday celebrations with the friends and fam. Not only is oversharing dangerous, but if you have seen the news lately, we are seeing crimes committed from criminals who know a person’s behavior and moves due to sites like Twitter and Snapchat. 

Let’s be honest here, we already know that huge social media and search engine sites such as Google and Facebook specifically team up with large numbers of adverting companies and partners to share user information.    

Keeping Memories Locked Safe

At Photobucket we take pride in respecting our member’s privacy. You will never have to worry about Photobucket teaming with advertising partners and sharing your photos or profile information. 

Unfortunately, the dangers of sharing photos and personal information doesn’t end there. With all the concerns in today’s day and age, do you really want photos of you and your loved ones out on the “world-wide-web” for any person to pick up and view? By sharing within the Photobucket platform, you are guaranteed your images and privacy are our number one priority. Think of us as your own personal image storage vault. We know how precious your loved ones and memories are to you and we know how important it is to them safe.   

Treasure Chest

Photobucket has been around for the past 18 years as a reliable and secure treasure chest for members to revisit their precious memories. Just as our users are able to login and visit our site after not visiting the platform for ten years, in ten years you will be able to do the same. We will lock up your treasures on a secure server for only you and your loved ones.         

Sometimes, memories are not always meant to be locked up. We agree. With our photo sharing options, you can share all your images with friends and family knowing no one who you wouldn’t want to have access to them, will. Plus your originals will always be kept safe of severe compression. If you ever do need to compress images, we have the originals always saved on your Bucket. When you share photos and images from Photobucket, we keep your originals safe, sound and in pristine quality.

No Trespassing Allowed!

The last feature that Photobucket allows members, is how easy it is to share on social media accounts if desired. Instead of switching back and forth between social media platforms, we make it easy as a click-of-a-button, with easy to read icons to your favorite social media sites. You will even be able to go back to your first images on Photobucket and share on all your profiles (even if Facebook wasn’t around when you first started your album with us). The best part is - you’ll always know where you can find your originals.

We leave you with the facts, Photobucket is here for you to protect you, your loved ones and your memories. We are here for you to make photo sharing easier than ever. To see other features Photobucket offers click here: