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How to Safeguard Photos & Videos Before Updating to macOS Sonoma

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So, you’ve heard the news? There's a shiny, new macOS update called Sonoma, and if you’re like most Apple enthusiasts, you might be itching to hit that 'Update' button. But hold up! Before you take that leap, there are a few things you need to consider. (Trust me, no one likes tech hiccups, especially not with our treasured photos and videos.) And you might also be asking questions such as, "Is macOS Sonoma stable?" Well, let’s get started!

Why is Backing Up So Essential?

Let’s start with the basics: why the big fuss about backing up? Well, OS updates, while generally stable, can sometimes go sideways. Unexpected glitches can occur, apps might misbehave, and - gasp -  data can get lost. Especially when it comes to memories like photos and videos, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

External Hard Drive: Your Data’s Best Buddy

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  1. Choosing Your Drive: The market is flooded with choices. Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, and many others offer great external hard drives. Depending on your storage needs, grab one that’s at least twice the size of your current data.

  2. Plugging In and Setting Up: Simply connect your drive via USB or Thunderbolt. Once it's recognized, you can use macOS's built-in Time Machine app. Head to System Preferences -> Time Machine -> Select Backup Disk, and choose your external drive.

  3. Initiate Backup: With Time Machine, backups are automatic! After the initial setup, it’ll regularly back up your files. But since you’re prepping for the update, manually hit ‘Backup Now’ to ensure everything is up-to-date. This make take while depending on how how much you have to back up. Sometimes it's best to let it work overnight.

Cloud Storage: Your Photos in the Ether


While physical hard drives are great, we've all got that friend who lost theirs during a move or accidentally formatted it. Enter, the advantages of cloud storage.

Photobucket to the Rescue!
Of the myriad of cloud storage options, Photobucket photo storage and video storage stands out for a few reasons:

  • Auto Backup: Say goodbye to manual uploads. Photobucket has a neat Auto Backup feature. Just set it up, and it'll do its magic in the background to ensure your photos and videos are always backed up.

  • The Photobucket Guarantee: Not all cloud storage is created equal. With Photobucket, the quality of what you upload and download never changes, meaning Photobucket does not compress your images and videos, so they will always retain their original quality. Some competitors make you pay extra not to compress your photos and videos. Not Photobucket!

  • Budget-Friendly Storage: Need oodles of space? Photobucket's got you covered. With the 'My Bucket' plan, you get one whole whopping terabyte for just $5 a month. Let that sink in. A terabyte! That's enough space for 500,000 photos! (based on 2MB per image)

Other Cloud Services
While Photobucket is clearly wearing the crown, it’s always good to know your options. There's Google Photos, iCloud, and Dropbox, to name a few. Each has its perks, but none offers the combo of Auto Backup, the compression-free guarantee, and the bang-for-your-buck pricing that Photobucket does.  

Pro Tips for a Smooth macOS Sonoma Update:

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  • Check App Compatibility: Some older apps might not play well with Sonoma. Check out RoaringApps or the developer’s website to ensure your must-have apps are compatible.

  • Clean House: Before any major update, declutter your Mac. Remove old apps, clear cache, and trash those forgotten downloads.

  • Stay Plugged In: During the update, keep your MacBook connected to power. You wouldn’t want your device to power off midway!

  • Patience is Key: After hitting the update button, let your Mac do its thing. It might restart a few times, and the screen might remain blank for a bit longer than you’d like. Just relax. Grab a coffee, take a short walk, and let Apple magic work.

Wrapping it up, as exciting as the macOS Sonoma journey is set to be, keeping our memories secure should always top the list. And with tools like Photobucket at our disposal, it's easier than ever. You can sign up here to get 1TB of storage for only $5 per month.

Here's to smooth sailing (or should I say, updating) and keeping our digital treasures safe! 🍎 🖥️ 📸