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How to select the right frame for your favorite photos


Part of making memories is enjoying them every single day. Learn how picking the right photo frame can make all the difference.

  1. Consider the style and color of the photo: Choose a frame that complements the style and color scheme of the photo. For example, a rustic frame can complement a nature photo, while a sleek, modern frame can enhance a contemporary image.

  2. Consider the room décor: Pick a frame that complements the decor of the room in which the photo will be displayed.

  3. Determine the size of the photo: Choose a frame that is proportional to the size of the photo. A large photo may require a larger frame, while a small photo may look better in a petite frame.

  4. Consider the matting: Matting can add an extra layer of visual interest to a photo and help it stand out. Choose a matting color that complements the photo and the frame.

  5. Decide on the orientation: Choose a frame that fits the orientation of the photo, whether it be landscape, portrait, or square.

By considering these factors, you can help ensure that the frame you choose enhances the visual appeal of your photo and elevates its overall look. To learn more, read what Martha Stewart magazine has to say on the subject.

Happy framing!

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