#pbMobile Contest Winners

Thank you for all of the awesome submissions to our #pbMobile contest. We appreciate your efforts in the fight to cure Selfieitis. We deliberated and narrowed it down to our three favorite non-selfieish entries.

The Winners!

1. Coco the Cat

Photo Contest

2. Sunset Sunglasses

Photo Contest

3. The Perfect Pitch Pup

Photo Contest

Congratulations to our winners who will be receiving a 16×20 canvas print!

Learn how to enter our next contest, #pbQuotes, here.

#pbQuotes Photo Contest


Photo Contest: #pbQuotes
Its a new year and Spring is right around the corner. Where will your fresh start lead you? Are you on the road to amazing travels or walking a path to discover new things around you? Share your journey with a photo and the words of wisdom that paved the way.

How to enter:

  1. Dig up or shoot an unforgettable travel photo
  2. Add your favorite quote using the Photobucket editor
  3. Share it on Instagram, Twitter or Photobucket using the hashtag #pbQuotes

See what others are submitting.

Get to know the Photobucket editor with these helpful tutorials.

Easy Photo Editor

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In the news: Photobucket Consolidates Social Shares

Photobucket consolidates social shares into custom hashtag albums.

“Photobucket recently unveiled a new feature that consolidates social media sharing…Photos uploaded by anyone on Twitter, Instagram, or Photobucket will be added to a Photobucket album — so long as the images have a custom hashtag attached.”

Read the full article.


By: Elizabeth Harper (Sprout Social Insights)

Back Dat App Up — Auto Backup for Mobile

If you don’t have it already, here’s a link to the app for iOS users, and for Android users.

Question: What do all of these have in common?

  • Toilets
  • Rainy days
  • Toasters
  • Deep fryers
  • Cups of water
  • Cups of green beer
  • Gravity
  • Black holes

Answer: Thaaat’s riiight. Each one of these things desperately want to destroy that shiny smart phone of yours, as well as the cherished memories stored within.

As much as we’d like to have it, there is no galactic forecast that can warn us of incoming black holes, so stop dreaming. Practicing caution, on the other hand, is a freely available resource. Let’s set up that Photobucket app to automatically back up your photos and videos, and do it before it’s crushed into an infinitesimally small singularity, or fried into a delicious snack.


If you’re a first time Photobucket app user, you’ll be prompted right away to turn auto backup on. Let’s say you’ve already chosen to disable auto backup, but the prospect of terrifying black holes has changed your mind. No worries, it’s easy to turn it back on!

Fire up the app, then hit the menu icon  in the top corner. For iOS users, tap Backup, then tap Enable. Only the wording is different on Android – tap the menu icon, then tap Backup, then tap Start Auto Backup.

That’s it! You did it! For iOS users, head over here for more info on your auto backup options (wi-fi only, default album, etc.). Android users, click here.

Well done, be not afraid of losing your images! Now go out into that big world of infinite possibilities, grab it by the shirt collar, and live.

Upload to Album – It’s a Snap!

At Photobucket, we continually strive to have the best photo album experience on the web. Over the coming weeks, we will bring new functionality to your album pages on the website, making it easier to upload, manage, view and share your photo albums.

We recently launched a new, straight forward way to upload directly into your album of choice while viewing that album. Just look for this new uploading hot spot:

Upload Hotspot

 You can start uploading by following these simple steps.

  1. Create a new album, or navigate to the existing album you would like to upload to.

  2. Drag images and videos from your desktop directly into the album.Drag to Album

  3. You can also click the hotspot to open a file browser and choose photos to upload that way.Open File Browser

  4. Voila! Your upload should begin.

You can browse your library while photos are uploading without interrupting the process.  The upload progress bar at the bottom of the page allows you to monitor your uploads and quickly access newly added photos.

Once the upload is complete, we’ll arrange the photos into your album based on your organization preferences.

More exciting album updates are on the way!

Something specific you’d like to see? Let us know your album wish-list in the comments below.



Keep Your Photobucket Private and Hidden from Search

In an age of so much technical progress, somehow our privacy is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. At Photobucket, we want you to be happy, and to be confident that nobody is snooping through your private photos.

Occasionally, we receive comments from users who are vetting their own persona in anticipation of job interviews, school applications, and other such things where one’s reputation needs to be cinched up and professional. Some of these people are surprised to learn that their Photobucket account is readily searchable through Google or other search engines!

We all like to have fun, and sometimes that fun can look a bit ridiculous, so I’m here to help you keep that under wraps.

Would rather keep this private.

So you’ve Googled your name and found some photos that you want out of there, like yesterday. Well, assuming you have your log in credentials, let’s take that correct first step.

1 – Sign in, set your albums to private, & scramble

You can set all your albums to private at once. That was easy! Alternatively, if you just have an album or two that you’d like to set as private, check out this article.

As an additional step to securing all of your photos, you can scramble your image links as well. This will instantly, and irreversibly, scramble the link code for all of your images. This means that any image previously linked outside of Photobucket (forums, blogs, the whole shebang) will be broken, so be wary.

What you just did:

  • Stopped Google from crawling any images located under a private album
  • All scrambled images linked out, whether on forums, blogs, or Google search, are now dead – clicking on the image will no longer take the person to your account

2 – Remove your public information from the user settings

Were you aware that you can share your public information under your user settings? It’s a great way to link to your personal/professional blog or portfolio, etc. However, if you’re using Photobucket just for your own, private use, you probably don’t want anyone tracking down your Photobucket.

No worries. Easy fix.

Since you already signed in, head to your user settings. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see this box:

Any information listed in this box is being crawled by search engines, meaning that this information is searchable. To keep your name and Photobucket from showing up on search engines, delete all the information in this box, and then click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page. Easy peasy.

3 – Test it out

Once you’re done tidying things up on your Photobucket account, let’s put it to the test and make sure your account is completely private! After giving it some time, maybe 30 minutes or so, try running through these steps:

  1. Log out of your Photobucket account
  2. Clear your cache and cookies (important!)
  3. Search for your name + Photobucket in Google – are there less results? There should be!
  4. If you still see some of your images or links to your Photobucket account, try clicking the link/image – your account should no longer be accessible to the public and the link should be broken

Now, for those pesky thumbnail images that are still hanging around…

4 – Remove your thumbnails and links from Google search

Sometimes, even after taking the above steps, users still see their thumbnail images/links on Google! This is because they are cached by Google, so they may continue to show up for a while, even after making your images private and removing your public information.

That being said, there is a way to speed up the process! Click here to read an article on Google support forums that explains how to put in a request for immediate removal of your thumbnail images and/or links.

5 – Congrats!

You’ve done it! You’ve successfully removed your Photobucket presence off of public search, you sneaky sneakerson.

Around the World in Pie

Happy Pi Day! Although we do not claim to be pi experts, we certainly know a thing or two about pie. Sweet or savory, puffy or flakey – we’ve gathered our favorite dinner and dessert adaptations from around the world, photos and recipes included. Bon appetit!

American Apple

American Apple Pie

A good ole’ fashioned dessert. This American classic has been enjoyed since early settlers arrived baring apple spurs, planting trees that produced a magical fruit. Soft, seasoned apples make this dish irresistible. Get the recipe!

German Chocolate

Chocolate Pie Recipe

Chocolate lovers near and far know that German Chocolate Cake is the epicenter of cocoa awesomeness. But many don’t know that the pie version is just as decadent and addictive. Get the recipe!

Aussie Meat Pie

Meat Pie Recipe

This iconic savory meat pastry is popular in Australia and New Zealand, even being labeled Australia’s “national dish.” These larger or hand-sized snacks are stuffed with meat, gravy and onions, often enjoyed while watching sporting events. Get the recipe!

Mexican Tamale Pie

Tamale Pie Recipe

Thick, substantial tamales are a Mexican favorite that translate fantastically to pie form. Traditionally made with masa, this creative evolution of Mexican tamales mixes modern and ancient favorites. Get the recipe!

Canadian Maple

Canadian Maple Pie Recipe

This Canadian favorite is sweet natured like the country. The element of surprise is in Canada’s preferred pie accompaniments, which include cheese, peanut butter, and even hot sauce. This dessert, however, goes best with ice cream! Get the recipe! 

Peruvian Purple Corn Pudding

Blue Corn Pudding Pie

This North American adaptation of a Peruvian dessert favorite takes the traditional blue corn filling made from boiling fruit and purple corn, and pairs it with a complimenting flakey  crust. Get the recipe! 

Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd's Pie Recipe

Traditionally, a British-style pie has both a base and a covering of pastry. However, one of the most popular dishes across the pond is Shepherd’s (Cottage) Pie, which doesn’t involve any pastry at all! Get the recipe! 

Nigerian Meat Pies

Meat Pie Recipe

A spicy, curry infused version of a beef empanada. These snack-sized meat pockets are savory and rich. A delicious product of a traditional Cornish pastry combined with an African spice palate. Get the recipe!

In honor of National Pi Day you could brush up on your math skills – or just grab a slice of deliciousness and celebrate! Check out more mouthwatering recipes and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with trending news and photos.

Photo Editor Overview

Edit your photos like a pro using Photobucket’s enhanced photo editor. Our easy to use tools help you personalize your memories and add that extra flare that make your photos stand out.

At the top of the page, select the edit tab.

Photo Editor

That will bring up a window with thumbnail views of your images. Here you have the option to edit photos from Your Bucket or from your Albums. Browse through your photos, and when you find the image you would like to edit, click on the thumbnail.

Photo Editor

After you have selected a thumbnail image to edit, that image will be opened in the editor. Once in the editor, you can select a variety of editing options such as Resize, Effects and Contrast.

Edit Photos

Edit Photos

Edit Photos

Use the text editing option to add a motivational quote or inspiration to your photo.

Photo Editor

Be sure to check out the stickers editing feature, an easy way to add flare and originality to your photos.

Photo Editor

This edit was made using our March sticker pack which features travel and St. Patrick’s day stickers. Stickers are updated monthly and change with holidays and seasons.

Edit Photos

Did you know?… you can edit photos on the go in our mobile app! View more editing tutorials to learn about other fun features or log in now to play in our editor and discover the endless possibilities in personalizing your photos.


What’s YOUR hashtag?

As the Product Manager behind our newest feature, I am excited to introduce you to Your Photobucket Hashtag. As a long-time Photobucket user, I’m even more excited to tell you why our newest feature is pretty darn awesome.

Last summer, I went to the mountains for a weekend with 7 of my friends.  We had an awesome time and we posted photos throughout the weekend.  When I got home, I only had my photos.  It took me two weeks and a dozen emails to get the photos and videos my friends had taken.  Two.  Weeks.  In the end, I had about 200 photos and videos to download, then upload, and share back out to the group.  If only there were a way we could all upload to one album while we were there…

Here’s where this feature really would have helped me out last summer.

Claim a unique hashtag on Photobucket. Use your hashtag when you post public photos and videos to Twitter, Instagram, and Photobucket.  They will automatically upload to your hashtag album for you.  Share your hashtag with your friends.  When they use your hashtag on their Twitter, Instagram, and Photobucket photos and videos, those get automatically uploaded to your hashtag album too.

Hashtag Photos Come Together

So you just keep doing what you normally do: share to your social network of choice and just add your hashtag.  We’ll back up your social photos and videos, and we’ve made it easier than ever to bring the photos and videos you want together in one place.

There are a million ways you can use your hashtag.  Here are a few ideas, on me:

    • Keep it to yourself (it’s okay to be selfish sometimes).  Use it on your own posts to organize and save your photos and videos forever.
    • Getting married, having a party, or hosting a company event:  Share your hashtag with guests to automatically bring together everyone’s moments at the event!  Project a Photobucket slideshow on a big screen so guests can watch as new photos come in.
    • Business owners and marketing folks:  Let your customers show their appreciation by using your hashtag to share photos and videos of your product or storefront.  Offer some discounts to customers who use it, even!
    • Famous or almost famous? Bring your fan photos together with your hashtag, and display them proudly on your website with our embedded albums, slideshows and stories.  Paula Abdul did it:

Okay, you get it.  Here’s the fine print:

    • Only public photos and videos will be uploaded to your hashtag album.  We respect privacy!
    • Some content is so awesome that it takes a little longer to make it’s way into a hashtag album.  They’ll get there, so have some patience.
    • Your Photobucket Hashtag is in Beta and we’ve made this feature available to just our Plus users while we’re testing it out.  If you’re not a Plus user and really want your own hashtag, you have a couple of options.

Become a Plus user here – http://photobucket.com/pricing
Click on “Claim Your Hashtag” and submit your email address to us here – http://photobucket.com/hashtags

I’m excited to see all the creative ways you use Your Photobucket Hashtag!  If you have any feedback you’d like to share on this feature, please write a comment below!

Hashtag on, my friends.